Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Resources - Environment - Recyclage


Are you looking for some authentic French resources on the environment? Below you will find a copy of a notice from a recycle point in a small French town:-



Triez, nous recyclons


- emballages ménagers

(métal, carton, bouteilles plastiques)

-journaux, magazines


Ne pas déposer

-les bouteilles au contenu toxique

-barquettes en polystyrène

-pots en plastique



Une barquette en polystyrène            polystyrene tub/container      

L’emballage (m)                                   packaging

Les emballages ménagers                household packaging

Le bac de recyclage/ le bac de tri       recycle bin

trier                                                           to sort


Note on: ne pas déposer:

The infinitive is often used for impersonal commands to the general public such as in a recipe book or instruction booklet.  This is instead of the vous form of the imperative.  For the negative commands ne pas precedes the infinitive.


Ne pas oublier de mettre la ceinture de sécurité.

Don’t forget to put on your seat belt

Ne pas marcher sur l’herbe                            

Do not walk on the grass

Laisser cuire à petit feu pendant 20 minutes  

Simmer for 20 minutes

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

French writing, piece of writing - Health - La Santé

GCSE Topic – Health   La santé - Vocabulary/writing

Below is a GCSE standard piece of writing of between 200 and 300 words based on the following question:

(remember to use opinions, linking words, tenses, a good range of vocabulary and give examples if possible - whether you are doing a written exam or a controlled assessment and have fun....)