Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My lost Kingdom

My lost Kingdom

I am a staunch remoaner
Remainer or remainiac
And though my cause can be exhausting
I am not turning back

The words Europe, Euro and Schengen
Are music to my ears
My heros are Frau Merkel and that impassioned Mr Verhofstadt

I drink a tisane with my croissant
Or a vino rosso with my pizza
 and might still enjoy my tea and scone if it didn't taste of Brexit

 I feel like I'm in exile
A Brit who's dispossessed
A citizen of nowhere
For me there is no rest

But I deny we Brits are quitters
We know how to get along
With every nation on this earth
(And possibly others from beyond)

So with a bit of common sense
Perhaps Theresa May will realise
That Brexit will make us sad and blue
So we must stick together in the EU

2 January 2017